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6 Ways You Can Digitally Transform Your Business

Digital transformation is all businesses can talk about these days. Everywhere you turn, events, seminars, and discussion boards, you’ll find tech gurus, CEOs, business analysts, and others emphasizing the need for digital transformation.

Here’s a reality check: not everyone will tell you how to do it. Or analyze the level of transformation your business needs.

But this blog will.

Read on to find out the 6 ways you can embrace digitalism within your business operations, keeping the stage of business you’re at.

Let’s find out.

What Is Digital Transformation?

For some, digital transformation means upgrading to the latest software. For others, it’s simply about automating their sales funnel. However, in the broader aspect, digital transformation is about integrating digital technologies into the different parts of a business’s operations.

Here’s how you can transform your business

  • Reach Out to Consumers Directly

    The direct-to-consumer model is gaining popularity among ecommerce platforms. And despite setting back the business industry, Covid-19 is the clear reason why.

    Ever since customers gained the opportunity to shop online, purchasing has never been the same. As an ecommerce business, you can take this to your advantage and create an experience that tightly loops in your customers, distributors, and partners.

    This involves engaging with customers during their purchase cycle to know what they’re interested in and what they’re buying and offering payment guides for a smooth conversion.

    Moreover, a fully immersive ecommerce experience also includes a frictionless checkout process, eliminating the chance of losing a potential customer. As a result, you can digitize the entire shopping lifecycle and increase customer loyalty. :

    • Offer a Subscription

      Gone are the days when only Disney+ and Netflix used subscription services. The current era is when you’ll see everything from safety razors to car washes and cosmetics being sold as a subscription. And it’s your ticket to transform your business operations, too.

      With a subscription-based business model, you can create a recurring revenue stream and increase customer retention. The best part? This model locks in the customer for a long time, meaning they’re bound to return to utilize or renew their service.

      • Expand Globally

        While offering services to the locals is a good thing, globalizing your brand has its merits, too. For starters, you can expand your chances of gaining global recognition. Secondly, it means you can address customer demands in other areas:

        A word of caution: only go for this approach if you can master the following

        call payment method
        Local languages
        Regulatory requirements

        • Streamline Your Financial Operations

          As the digital world progressed, businesses have realized that investing in multiple third-party tools for payment processing and revenue management is more costly than doing it independently.

          Even an internal system is too disjointed to keep customers in their happy place. But by streamlining your financial tasks like accounting, reconciliation, billing, invoicing, taxes, and reporting, you can keep your workforce engaged in core business areas. That’s why more and more businesses opt for a unified financial platform that provides complete visibility into customer behavior while improving workforce efficiency.

          • Build a Marketplace

            Be it Facebook marketplace or Instagram, it’s where online shopping most happens. You can build your marketplace, too, to accelerate revenue growth and increase customer retention.

            When a marketplace creates value for a customer, they’re bound to spread the word, bringing in more traffic and, ultimately, sales. This digital transformation is giving traditional marketing and ecommerce websites a run for their money. Therefore, it’s time you build one.

            • Bring Your Offline & Online Operations Together

              The ultimate aim for any business is to remove friction in a customer’s buying journey. That can’t happen when you treat customers differently based on whether they interacted with your business in person or online.

              The best way to deal with that is by offering the same results regardless of their choice. For example, an average customer would expect online rewards and discounts to be awarded when they step into a store.

              To create a unified approach, you can create a single platform that streamlines your online and offline operations while providing accurate customer insights.

              The Final Word

              Now that you know how to transform your business and push it ahead, there’s only one thing left: choosing an expert who can help you get on the practical side of the picture. That’s where HashOne Global comes in.

              With offices all around the globe, we’re the right fit to accelerate your digital transformation journey. For more information and a quick discussion, call us now!

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