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On The Block

This case study explains how HashOne Global extended their helpful hand to build and launch a mobile app for On The Block’s homeowners’ platform. Our expertise went beyond the initial design and development, offering next-level support and guidance post-launch.



On The Block is a homeowners’ platform that helps people simplify home management tasks. When residential clients need home maintenance, they can simply rely on On The Block to create a custom maintenance plan for them. Moreover, the platform offers automated reminders so clients can always stay one step ahead.

    Problem Statement

    On The Block had a user-friendly website and adequate online presence. However, in the world of apps, not having a business app was damaging their growth potential.

    • Lack of mobile presence
    • Low retention
    • Stunting business growth


    When On The Block contacted us, we quickly analyzed their current market position and performed a competitor analysis. This was done to design an app strategy that differentiated our client from the rest. Therefore, we started with a UI build for the mobile app. After that, we built POC and performed A/B testing for performance evaluation. Finally, we deployed the app for use on IOS and Play Store. Our work continued post-launch, with feature enhancements according to the current trends while optimizing the app according to the device type. On the whole, our designed app helped On The Block:

    • Launch a robust mobile app for users regardless of preferred device type.
    • Reclaim customer loyalty.
    • Offer services on the go.


    Once the app launched, users welcomed it with open arms. Since the app allowed them to manage their home management tasks without delay, they no longer had to resort to desktop sites to submit basic information. Our client found it equally satisfying to respond to client requests, offer quotes, and manage maintenance plans with a business app in hand.


      On The Block runs a fully functional app for its platform while offering an immersive experience to its clients. The app is designed with the local people in mind, making it easy to interact, plan, and designate tasks. Last but not least, our client is fast moving toward their goal of record app downloads, further amplifying their digital transformative journey.


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