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Resource Augmentation Services

Overcome your recruitment troubles and onboard resources who offer end-to-end project coverage with our best-in-class resource augmentation services.

Why Hire Our Dedicated Resources

100% verified & experienced IT staff that add value to your projects.

Businesses often find themselves in a fix to maintain the quality of project delivery while managing costs. By hiring our resource augmentation services, you can put your worries to rest. Our talent pool comprises professionals well-versed in the current technological advancements.

Besides that, we eliminate excruciating recruitment phases. As a result, you can onboard and deploy team members ASAP. Last but not least, our resources work remotely according to your time zone, offering assistance and support as per the project demand.

Get Tech Expertise at Low Cost

With core tech competencies like Microsoft, open source, Java, mobile, web, and more, you can rest assured of hiring top-rated experts for your team. We offer cost-effective packages, ranging from project-basis to as long as your requirement. This way, you only pay when and how long you need a resource.

Onboard Ready-to-Use Resource Pool

Our dedicated resources are fully trained and equipped with the technical brilliance required for your project. That means you can expect them to kick-start immediately after the onboarding process.

Maintain Full Control of Your Project

We only work as the middlemen connecting you to qualified and vetted resources. In this way, you can maintain complete control over your project and team – scale up and down according to the demand, and we’ll be there to assist you.

What We Offer

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Staff Augmentation IT OutsourcingProject-Based HiringManaged TeamsOn-Demand Specialists

Get flexible access to 100% vetted and verified talent on the go.

Our staff augmentation services are the right fit to assist you in filling temporary positions quickly. With this unique outsourcing strategy, you can hire professionals globally and manage them remotely. Moreover, if your team does not have a specific skill set for a project, you only need to hire experienced individuals instead of training your existing team.

Not only does it save time, but it also paces up productivity.

We can help you understand and outline your goals and objectives.

At HashOne Global, we guide clients about hiring resources that suit their needs. Instead of rushing you into making a decision, we create a roadmap of where you currently stand and where you will be after securing the best resources.

What Our Resources Can Do

Web Development

Full Stack |

Python |

Django |

MERN Stack |

MEAN Stack |

Laravel |

CodeIgniter |

React JS |

Next JS |

Vue JS |

Node JS |

Express JS |


DevOps & Automation


Linode |

Azure |


Ubuntu |

Red-Hat Linux |

Centos |

Kali Linux |

Open Suse |

Asterisk |

QA/Testing Resources

Manual Testing |

Automatic Testing |

(JMeter, Selenium) |

Smoke Testing |

Regression Testing |

Stress & Performance Testing |

Mobile App Development

Native Android (Kotlin, Java) |

Native iOS (Swift) |

Cross Functional (React Native, Flutter) |

CRM Consultancy

Zoho |

Salesforce, Hubspot |

Sharepoint |

Microsoft Dynamics 365 |

Project & Product Management

Traditional/Agile Project Manager |

Scrum Master |

IT Project Manager |

Product Owner |

Technical Project/Product Manager |

Support Services

Virtual Assistants/Receptionist |

Billing Executives |

Research Assistance |

Accounting Service

Accounting and Book Keeping |

Virtual CFO |

Tax Consultant and Company Formation |

How Does the Onboarding Work

Our resource augmentation services follow a tailored approach to help you get the right resources at the right time.


Discuss your requirements

Reach out to us for an elaborate discussion.

Getting started with a new project and looking for the best talent? Or have you encountered a sudden talent gap you need to fill quickly? No matter the demand, we’re eager to hear them out and act upon them to your best benefit.



Receive resource profiles

Get niche-specific profiles to choose from.

Once we’re through your requirements, we’ll explore our talent pool to align the best fit. We’ll send the profiles your way so you can have full control over who you choose to work with.


Finalize your preferences

Tell us your views about the finalized resources.

This is the best bit of working with us - you have the complete say in selecting resources instead of us leading the way. Simply finalize the professionals you find are a match for your project and we’ll proceed to the next step.



Sign the Contract

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Like anything, we come with a set of terms that simplify the process and make resource onboarding as seamless as possible. No hidden fee and total transparency - that’s our promise.


Onboard resources

Secure the best resources in as little as 48 hours.

Minimize project delays by hiring skilled professionals in less than two days. It all depends on how quickly you find a match because the rest is merely boring paperwork.



Manage your project

Fill the talent gap and get started on your project.

And just like that, you can get your tech team sorted and kickstart or resume your project. Ultimately, you can manage your resources from anywhere around the globe and maintain a steady communication flow to achieve timely deliverables.


Scale Up or Down

Hire more resources or scale down according to project demands.

Need more resources? Or do you feel the team is over-saturated and you could do without a couple or more? Either way, you can rely on us to maintain a team in the numbers you prefer.


You Asked, We Delivered.

Considering the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s now or never to benefit from resource augmentation. HashOne Global is more than capable of helping you put together a powerful and impactful team to compete in the market. Whether you’re looking for a web developer, mobile app developer, or any other IT staff, our talent pool will complement your existing in-house team.

Ready to Expand Your In-House Capacity?

A Flexible, Agile, and Resourceful Team Awaits

Every business dreams of maximizing their productivity with minimum investments. We’re making it a reality.

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