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What Is Resource Augmentation?

The routine hiring process involves posting job vacancies, scheduling interviews, taking interviews, finalizing candidates, and onboarding.

The trouble is, once you have a resource on board, you are legally bound to pay them regardless of incoming projects. Not to mention providing ongoing training. Resource augmentation cuts through the noise.

Resource augmentation or IT staff augmentation is a service through which you can hire skilled resources on a contract or temporary basis. Since an outsourcing company deals with the talent hunt and onboarding, you and your company won’t have to handle it.

It’s a great way to hire a skilled workforce minus the associated training. More than that, it’s excellent when you have to fill skill gaps within your current team.

Now, let’s come to the question of whether your company could do with resource augmentation.

Turns out you do, especially if you have been facing these 7 scenarios:

When You Can’t Find Specific Skills

It sounds dreamy, but every other company head has had it – to find a professional expert in everything they’re looking for. And yet, the changing technological trends can slow the learning process of your existing team.

The best way to deal with this is to opt for resource augmentation. Why? Because this way, you can hire individuals who fit a specific skill set.

For instance, finding candidates skilled in AI, machine learning, or cloud is challenging. But with an outside firm offering resource augmentation services, you can onboard the perfect candidate.

Final Words

If you find yourself in one or all of the seven scenarios above, it’s time to contact a resource augmentation company. HashOne can become your go-to partner in offering resources to boost project management and overall ROI.

Let’s connect to discuss your unique needs today!

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