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Advanced Tech Solutions

For Travel, Transportation, & Logistics

Get ahead of the curve with cutting-edge digital solutions and services offered by experienced professionals.


Fast-paced industries like travel and transportation demand custom solutions to boost their processes.

The sudden influx of digital trends has made it all the more exciting for several industries. But none more than the travel, transportation, and logistics. The reason? On the one hand, customers are eagerly looking for the best tourism apps or finding quick fleet delivery solutions. On the other hand, businesses have dived into developing useful applications and utilizing tech-savvy solutions to boost their sales. Making the full leap toward digital transformation requires an expert on deck. And that’s what we offer at HashOne Global.

We equip our clients with advanced and industry-specific solutions to keep both parties satisfied. From fleet and cargo management solutions to logistics software and transportation systems, our specialists have handled it all.

Fleet Management Systems

Get tailored mobile, web, and desktop solutions to automate fleet management tasks.

Flight Scheduling Apps

Improve passenger experience and quality of service with apps that make the flight booking process hassle-free.

Keeping People and Goods on the Move

Our Offerings

We’re strengthening the connection between customers and businesses, reducing costs, and streamlining internal operations to improve workflows.

Featured Case Studies

We help companies anticipate and act with insight and speed.


For CX Strategy & Design

Improved customer experiences are based on how well-optimized your website or app is. We evaluate the current tech stack to offer suggestions and improvements to satisfy your customers’ needs. Our consultants are all about increasing retention, engagement, and ROI. For that, we offer insights to help you assess digital product spend. If required, we create a roadmap for new digital product or conduct research to understand customers and their buying behaviors.

With our agile, human-centered design approach, we create experiences that are useful, engaging, and enjoyable for your end users.

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