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How to Put Sustainability at the Center of Your Digital Transformative Journey

As businesses move forward digitally, the need to understand the impact of digital transformation with sustainability has become more poignant than ever.

Although the two may seem to run on parallel lines, they cross paths significantly. In this blog, we’ll review the importance of putting sustainability at the heart of your digital transformation strategy and effective ways to do it.

Why Is Sustainability Important While Transforming Digitally

When combined, sustainability and digital transformation bring meaningful change. For example, some areas where implementing sustainability can enhance your company’s initiatives include:

Operational Efficiency – A significant aspect of digital transformation is resource optimization. This directly leads to streamlining operations and reducing waste. Ultimately, it reinforces sustainability.

Digital Innovation – When companies consider sustainability, they can focus more on environmentally friendly products and technologies.
– Incorporating sustainability puts businesses in a self-evaluation mode through which they track their sustainability measures and improve consistently.

4 Ways to Put Sustainability in Your Digital Transformative Journey

It’s challenging for SMEs to implement both sustainability and digital transformation in their business. However, strategic planning can deliver meaningful results.

  • 1. Reconsider Your Business Strategy

    The entire point of digital transformation is to evolve your business practices and improve operational efficiency. So, if that’s not changing, it’s time to reconsider your business strategy. For example, modernizing your technologies will only work if you’ve marked sustainability as one of the top goals.

    More than that, it should fit into your business strategy and complement the other goals instead of forcing its way through. Enforcing sustainability will only lead to losing time, energy, and money. Therefore, when you consider your business strategy, align your goals – the digital transformation and sustainability to fit each other like a hand fits a glove.

    • 2. Maintain the User Experience

      This goes without saying, but user experience comes first. So, when putting your digital transformation process into practice, make sure you’re considering what your audience needs. For instance, you might dedicate resources to design an overly simplified interface. And yet, if it doesn’t appeal to your users, it’s putting significant money and resources to waste.

      Striking the right balance while evaluating user accessibility and experience is key.

      • 3. Improve Your Data Practices

        It’s impossible to mention sustainability and not highlight its relevance with improved data practices. For businesses looking to increase organizational efficiency and reduce energy consumption, it’s crucial to optimize data practices.

        This calls for securing data channels and having the right privacy practices. And only then can you protect your business reputation while progressing sustainability toward digital transformation.

        • 4. Cultivate a Sustainable Corporate Culture

          Sustainability starts from within the workplace. By educating your employees and leadership about sustainability practices, you can cultivate a culture built on transparency and honest communication.

          One way to do that is by conducting workshops and awareness sessions. Moreover, you can align your practices with the company vision and mission to set the direction your business will take.

          Some businesses go as far as developing ties with suppliers and partners sharing similar perspectives. For example, notable companies like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and IKEA offer products sourced via ethical means. By strengthening ties with such brands as partners, you can outline where your company stands.

          Other practices to shape a sustainable work culture include:

          • Offering flexible work hours
          • Telecommunicating
          • Promoting a hybrid work model

          All these initiatives help reduce the environmental impact of commuting while putting employee well-being first.

        Final Words

        A successful digital transformation journey ties user experience, business goals, and data security into a loop. And as climate changes play a huge role in impacting the global setup, it’s vital to curate your digital transformation strategy around sustainability goals.

        If you need expert help developing a business strategy that fits your organizational goals, contact our consultant at HashOne Global today!

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